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My new hair isn’t just about hair, it’s psychological medicine for women suffering from hair loss through illness and for many of the women I have seen, it’s the missing link in their treatment.

Giving women back their hair – hair that looks natural, attractive and feminine gives them back a little of the confidence to face the world in their darkest hour. Trevor Sorbie MBE

How true are those words and what an insight he had.

Training with Trevor and the team at My New Hair was inspirational not only in the art of Wig cutting but in the art of communication demonstrated by the Cancer care nurses that work as part of his team.

With statistics that say 1 in 3 of us will be touched by Cancer in our lifetime and myself being one of those statistics , I couldn’t wait to get involved in this program not only to learn a new skill but to make a difference at what can be a truly horrible time.

So what’s it all about?

When you have your own ‘Crowning Glory’ you choose how you should wear it , what colour , what length , what style . When you are told you need Chemotherapy , the first thing the majority of women say is ‘Will I lose my hair?’ , quite often YES is the answer and they are offered a basic shapeless wig or a lesson in tying scarves! It doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be like that.

As a My New Hair salon we have so much more to offer:

  • A full consultation while you still have your hair
  • Time to choose and try a selection of wigs
  • Wigs ordered on a ‘sale or return’ basis
  • Your wig fitted, cut and styled to how you want it
  • Lesson in how to put it on , wash and care for it
  • Styling products yes Wigs have styling products too!
  • A private quiet ‘Solo’ salon should you want it
  • Tissues, Coffee and a good dose of humour too!

Doesn’t that sound better?

Once your treatment is finished your hair starts to grow back within a week , we can help there too, we stock Nioxin which actively helps and promotes hair growth, when it’s about 2.5 inches long hop over to the Hair in Recovery page and see what treats we have there.

There is no doubt it’s a tough journey, a stop off at Nicky Wyatt Hair is guaranteed to make it easier x

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